Hackney Parochial Charities

About us

The Hackney Joint Estate Charity (HJEC) is a very old organisation, governed by a Scheme regulated by the Charity Commission. Its charity number is 219875. Previously, it was called St John Hackney Joint Estates Charity.

In what way is the Charity 'charitable'?
Although we are called a 'charity' and are regulated by the Charity Commission, we are a charity only in the sense that we run the estate on business-like principles in order to raise funds for the parochial charities of Hackney, South Hackney and West Hackney. Once the costs of running and maintaining the estate have been covered, all the proceeds from the estate go to the parochial charities.

What do the Parochial Charities do?
The Parochial Charities make grants to local good causes. These may include such things as youth activities, parenting courses, almshouses, individuals with needs not funded by the State and projects for the elderly. The Parochial Charities also receive income from their stocks and shares but what they get from HJEC is a significant part of their income, especially now, when stocks and shares are less profitable than they have been in the past. The Parochial Charities are separately regulated by the Charity Commission.

What is the connection with the church?
Centuries ago, people gave property to the local Church of England church to provide an income for distribution to needy people. This property is now held by HJEC. The local parish churches in Hackney, South Hackney and West Hackney appoint some of the Trustees of the parochial charities, as does Hackney Council, and the Parochial Charities in turn appoint the directors of HJEC. The church does not benefit from income from the estate, though of course churches can apply for grants for various projects like any other organisation. The recent name change was intended to make it clear that the charity has no particularly close connection with St John at Hackney church.

What are the business objectives of HJEC?
Like other private landlords, HJEC seeks to maximise its income by charging market rents, while also ensuring that the estate is maintained and developed to a high standard. Hackney’s Parochial Charities have been serving the public for nearly 400 years and we intend to maintain the estate so it can continue to support these charities for a long time to come.

Who or what is Hackney Endowed Trustee Limited?
On the advice of our lawyers we changed the structure of the charity. It now has a single corporate Trustee (Hackney Endowed Trustee Limited), the Directors of which are representatives of the Parochial Charities. The properties are still owned by the Hackney Joint Estate Charity.

Who appoints the directors of the trustee company?
The directors of the Trustee company, like the individual Trustees before them, are appointed by the three Parochial Charities serving Hackney, South Hackney and West Hackney. The directors receive no payment for carrying out their responsibilities.

Who manages Hackney Joint Estate Charity?
Benjamin Janes has been appointed as Clerk to the Trustee and his colleagues at The Trust Partnership are the administrators.

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