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How to apply

The objectives of the Hackney Parochial Charities (HPC) are the relief of hardship and poverty and the advancement in life of those living in the London Borough of Hackney.

Hackney Parochial Charities gives grants to further these objectives.

The Trustees consider two main types of grant funding:
1. to individuals (including nurses);
2. to organisations (including nursing organisations).

Individuals are encouraged to apply for grants with the support of local registered charities, or supporting agencies.The Trustees welcome applications from organisations based in the parish, or in the surrounding parishes, but they must provide proof in the application that the work to be funded is specifically for the benefit of people who live, or are based, within the area of benefit. Typically grants to individuals will be for up to £500.00.

Geographic area we cover
The Trustees have to be very strict about the geographic area in which individuals must live or organisations operate, in order to apply for a grant. Please consult the map showing the area of benefit. Individuals who live outside the area of benefit may be able to apply to other local trusts for funding. See, for example, South Hackney Parochial Charity and West Hackney Parochial Charity.

What we can fund:

  • projects that relieve poverty;
  • projects for advancement in life;
  • projects that are educational in its broadest sense;
  • projects that provide services and opportunities to individuals living in the Ecclesiastical parish of Hackney in the ancient parish of St John at Hackney;
  • organisations providing organised breaks for families and children.

Please also see our list of exclusions.

What sort of organisation can we award grants to?    
Schools, colleges, youth groups, pensioner groups, religious groups, other charities, community support groups, nursing organisations.

Project Applications

Applications must be made on an HPC application form and demonstrate how it meets the grant making priorities below:

Socially isolated elderly

Individuals and families with no recourse to public funds

Advice and support organisations

Support service to young people

Your application should be endorsed by two referees who know the work of the organisation. These referees should be totally independent of the organisation and should not be a relative or partner. Suitable referees include prominent members of our local community, other charities, local councillors etc.

Organisations must attach a copy their latest annual report and accounts and a detailed project budget.

Please click on this link for the HPC online project application form:

HPC Project Application Form 

If you require the application form in a different format, please contact us.

Individual Applications

Individual applications must always be made through a supporting agency such as a church or a social worker, detials of whom need to be added to the online form. 

Individuals must provide evidence of their postal address, such as a copy of a utility bill.  You will be asked to upload a scanned copy of these docuemnts on the application form. 

The Trustees have agreed the guideline amounts below for certain household items.  Please bear this this in mind when submitting your application:

£120    Single bed                                                                  

£90      Single mattress

£16      Single duvet & pillows set

£10      Single duvet cover & pillowcases set 

£150    Double bed

£120    Double mattress

£22      Double duvet & pillows set

£15      Double duvet cover & pillowcases set

£100    Baby’s cot

£30      Baby’s cot bed mattress

£30      Moses basket

£10      Baby bottles

£20      Bottle steam steriliser

£50      Pushchair

£130    Fridge

£180    Fridge/freezer

£200    Washing machine

£210    Oven

£50      Microwave

£15      Kettle

£10      Toaster

£200    Sofa

£200    Sofabed

£100    Dining table and 4 chairs

£85      Wardrobe

£50      Chest of drawers

Please click on this link for the HPC online individual application form:

HPC Individual Application Form

If you require the application form in a different format, please contact us.

When can applications be made?
Applications from individuals can be submitted at any time. The Trustees consider this type of applications in batches between meetings.Applications from organisations can also be submitted at any time. The Trustees meet bi-annually to consider project applications.

What happens next?
The Trustees discuss each application carefully, after which they may:

  • make a grant up to the full amount requested by the applicant;
  • make a grant that is a proportion of the full amount requested by the applicant;
  • request further information from the applicant before they come to a final decision;
  • request that they make a visit to the individual or organisation concerned, before they come to a decision;
  • refer the application to one of the Trust’s sister charities, within whose area and terms of benefit the application may fall (see South Hackney Parochial Charity and West Hackney Parochial Charity);
  • decline to make a grant.

And then?
Payments may be made in full at that point, or in instalments, according to the nature of the application and the grant made.Successful applicants will be required to complete an evaluation form nine months after receiving the award.The Trustees require that successful applicants acknowledge the charity in any publicity material and at any events that may be held.To apply for a grant, either download an application form or contact us.

What we expect in return

Feedback at nine months to say how far you have got with spending the grant and what has been achieved. If you have not yet spent the grant, please explain and tell us what you are planning. (See attached evaluation forms for HPC Individual Evaluation Form and for         HPC Project Evaluation Form grants).

Please complete the relevant evaluation form, save and email it back to us at: [email protected]




Please also read our terms and conditions.

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