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How to apply

We are able to consider grants that relieve poverty and grants that provide opportunities to individuals living in South Hackney.

We consider two main types of grant funding:
1. to individuals;
2. to organisations.

Grants that relieve poverty;
Grants that provide opportunities to individuals living in South Hackney.

Applications for grants to individuals

Applications for funding individuals of all ages may come from a professional representing an individual living in the area who is in particular financial need or from individuals themselves. Typically grants to individuals will be for up to £500.00. Applications must be submitted using the

SHPC Individual Application Form

Applications for grants to organisations

We welcome applications for funding from local organisations that have good ideas for new projects that will benefit local people of all ages and that cannot be funded by statutory bodies. You must be able to demonstrate clear objectives and good financial management.

Criteria - What we can fund:
Projects that relieve poverty
Projects that are education in its broadest sense
Projects that provide services and opportunities to individuals living in South Hackney – (the project itself may be outside the area).

What sort of organisation we can award grants to?

Schools, colleges, youth groups, pensioner groups, religious groups, other charities, community support groups.

SHPC Project Application Form

What we expect in return

Feedback at nine months to say how far you have got with spending the grant and what has been achieved. If you have not yet spent the grant, please explain and tell us what you are planning. (See attached evaluation forms for SHPC Individual Evaluation Form and for    SHPC Project Evaluation Form grants).

Please complete the relevant evaluation form, save and email it back to us at: [email protected] 

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