Hackney Parochial Charities

About us

The West Hackney Parochial Charity is a Hackney-based charity that came about as the result of the amalgamation of 32 ancient individual charities, originally set up to benefit the residents of the ecclesiastical parish of West Hackney. The first legacy was left by Thomas Heron in 1603, the year Queen Elizabeth I died.

The Charity is managed by a group of Trustees drawn from the local area and administered by The Trust Partnership which acts as clerk to The Trustees.

The Charity is governed by the Charity Commission; registered number 208941.

The current Trustees are

Reverend Niall Weir (Chair), Irfan Malik (Vice Chair), Kathryn Johnson, Judith Shorten, Fiona Fieber, Reverend Justin Gau, Brian Innis, Emma Plouviez, Michelle Gregory, Josh Cardale, Polly Mann

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