The objectives of the Hackney Parochial Charities (HPC) are the relief of hardship and poverty and the advancement in life of those living the London Borough of Hackney.

From the early 17th century, legacies have been left in trust to the vicars and churchwardens of the Ancient Parish of St John Hackney. The income from these bequeathed properties and investments were used to buy specific items for people in need. The first of these legacies was left by Thomas Heron in 1603, the year that Queen Elizabeth I died.

At the time the Church of England was seen as a kind of ‘local authority’ and the rectors and churchwardens of each of the three parishes of Hackney created in 1833 were responsible for the local distribution of these charitable funds.

Today HPC gives grants to organisations and individuals that live within its area of benefit (please see the Map).

In 2008 the HPC Trustees took over the Hackney District Nursing Association (HDNA) and now administer its remaining funds. The HDNA funds can be used for the training, education and support of nurses and midwives, the provision of medical equipment and aids, and financial support to anyone in need who lives in any part of Hackney. Any Hackney resident who needs this help can apply to HPC for a grant from HDNA funds to meet these needs.

In 2019 the Trustees took over the management of the remaining funds of the Eliza Shepherd Charitable Trust. These funds are to be used for the relief of poverty in children and young persons only, and the name of the Eliza Shepherd Trust is to be retained in connection with any grants awarded.

HPC is managed by a Board of Trustees made up of local people with an interest in the community.

The current trustees are: Reverend Alexander Gordon (Chair), Mary Cannon (Vice Chair), Nicola Baboneau, Chris Kennedy, Irfan Malik, Allan Hilton, Rob Chapman, Jacquie Driver, Sharon Patrick, Reverend Tosin Oladipo.

The charity is governed by the Charity Commission; charity number 219876.

Hackney Playbus
Hackney Playbus